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Murrayfield Motorsport's Pro II Formula Racing Simulator

Accelerate Your Potential with Precision Simulation

Murrayfield Motorsport is excited to introduce our Pro II Formula Racing Simulator – a tool designed not just for entertainment but as a key asset for drivers looking to enhance their skills in the Porsche GB Carrera Cup.

Embrace innovation with us, and witness the power of experience and passion propelling us to new heights. Join us on this journey, where Murrayfield Motorsport is not just a name; it’s a symbol of innovation and achievement in the Porsche GB Carrera Cup.


Recognising the importance of accessibility, we’ve invested in a custom mobile Pro II Formula Racing Simulator. Following the Porsche GB calendar events, this mobile unit brings the simulator experience directly to the heart of racing action, allowing drivers to hone their skills conveniently throughout the on and off-season.

At Murrayfield Motorsport, we go beyond providing simulators. Bookings come with the added advantage of access to our seasoned Head Engineer, Guy McCulloch, and the expertise of our Lead Driver Coach, James Dorlin. This means drivers can receive valuable feedback on their performance, strategies, and results, accelerating their potential in the Porsche GB Carrera Cup.

Our Pro II Formula Racing Simulator isn’t just about entertainment; it’s a strategic tool to accelerate the growth of drivers in competitive racing. Whether at our Dunfermline unit or through our mobile service, drivers can now have a precise and accessible platform for skill enhancement, and the added benefit of professional guidance to maximize their development.

As we continue to invest in the advancement of motorsport skills, Murrayfield Motorsport invites drivers to leverage our Pro II Formula Racing Simulator for a more focused and productive approach to their racing journey. Unleash your potential, refine your technique, and elevate your racing experience with Murrayfield Motorsport.

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Precision Simulation for Driver Development

Our Pro II Formula Racing Simulator is a valuable addition to our commitment to driver development. Installed in a bespoke unit in Dunfermline, it provides a controlled environment for drivers to refine their racing techniques, navigate challenging turns, and perfect their racing strategies.


The FPZERO Pro II Formula Racing Simulator is a cutting-edge, professional-grade racing simulator designed to replicate the experience of driving a single-seater racing car. It provides an immersive and realistic racing environment for drivers.

The Pro II Formula Simulator boasts advanced features such as a high-torque direct-drive steering system, a full carbon-fiber monocoque, and a fully adjustable seating position. These features contribute to a realistic and dynamic driving experience.

Yes, the simulator features a fully adjustable seating position, allowing users to tailor the setup to their preferences. This adaptability ensures a comfortable and personalized driving experience.

Absolutely. The simulator is designed with professional-grade components and precision simulation technology, making it an ideal training tool for professional drivers aiming to enhance their skills and familiarity.

The Pro II Formula Simulator utilizes a high-torque direct-drive steering system. This system offers a responsive and accurate steering feel, replicating the nuances of handling a real race car.

While the simulator is a powerful training tool, it also provides an entertaining and immersive experience for racing enthusiasts. Its dynamic features and realistic simulation make it suitable for both professional training and recreational use.

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Along with booking our simulator, you can also book feedback from our experienced team members to make your time in our simulator as beneficial as possible for your future performance. 

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DONINGTON PARK, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 29: Alex Malykhin / James Dorlin - Redline Racing Lamborghini GT3 Evo at Donington Park on Sunday May 29, 2022 in Castle Donington, United Kingdom. (Photo by JEP / LAT Images)



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