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James Dorlin: A Rising Star in Motorsport Joins Murrayfield Motorsport

Murrayfield Motorsport proudly welcomes James Dorlin as the Lead Driver Coach, solidifying the team’s commitment to excellence on the racetrack. Widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s brightest emerging talents in motorsport, Dorlin brings a wealth of experience as a multiple race and championship winner.

With an impressive track record, James Dorlin’s journey in motorsport includes being a McLaren Development Driver in 2019 and clinching the inaugural Porsche Sprint Challenge GB Championship in 2020. His prowess extended to GT3 racing in 2022, where he secured the silver champion title in British GT with Redline Racing, driving the Lamborghini GT3 Evo.

In addition to British GT success, Dorlin showcased his skills internationally with Barwell Motorsport in GT World Challenge, competing at renowned circuits such as Imola, Catalunya, and the Paul Ricard 6 Hours. As a 23-year-old BRDC rising star, James Dorlin has proven his mettle in various championships and formats, leaving an indelible mark on the motorsport landscape.

As Murrayfield Motorsport’s Lead Driver Coach, James Dorlin’s practical insights and strategic approach are poised to elevate the skills and performance of the team’s drivers. The collaboration aims to harness Dorlin’s wealth of experience and contribute to Murrayfield Motorsport’s ongoing pursuit of success in the Porsche GB Carrera Cup.

With a keen eye on the future, James Dorlin continues to build upon his momentum of success in professional motorsport, making him an invaluable addition to the Murrayfield Motorsport team. Racing enthusiasts and fans can anticipate an exciting chapter ahead as Dorlin, alongside Murrayfield Motorsport, seeks new heights in the world of motorsports in 2023.

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